Definitions for "immunisation"
The process by which a person is artificially given protection against disease by being given a vaccine or antibodies. These vaccines are manufactured either from the killed germ, or from the toxin, or using parts of the germ either as component vaccines or as conjugate vaccines.
A method of increasing patient's defence against infection. Incompetent Valve. Any valve which does not close tight and leaks blood back in the wrong direction. Also called valvular insufficiency.
To make an animal resistant (immune) to a disease by taking a vaccine.
An investment strategy to protect the bond portfolio against the risk of rising interest rates.
A management strategy where the duration of a bond portfolio is matched to a specified investment horizon. The intention of this is to lock in a return equal to the initial yield of the assets, assuming that the yield curve will remain flat and movements will be parallel in the future.
A portfolio that combines short and long term bonds in times of fluctuating prices and reinvestment rates, hence producing a certain rate of return despite market fluctuation.
the exposure of a person to material that is antigenic but not pathogenic, to make them immune to a particular microorganism.
The investment of assets in such a way that the insurer's existing business is immune to a general change of interest rates in the future.
Same as immunization.