Definitions for "Wetting"
In general, wetting is the ability of a liquid to flow across a surface as opposed to sticking to itself. Wetting occurs when the attraction between liquid and surface is greater than the surface energy of the liquid, drawing a molecularly thin layer across itself. Wetting in soldering applies to molten solder spreading along the base metal/metallisation surfaces to produce a relatively uniform, smooth, unbroken and adherent film of solder. A good intermetallic bond between surfaces is formed. One action of flux is to reduce the surface tension of the solder to enhance wetting.Good wetting is indicated by a low ‘contact angle’ (positive wetting angle) between the solder fillet and the base metal/metallisation.
Spreading of a coating of molten solder on a metallic substrate usually leading to a layer of intermetallic compound between the substrate and solder.
(extended definition) Impregnation of a material by a liquid by replacement of an air/solid interface by a liquid medium/solid interface.
The absorption of water molecules by the bean fiber which subsequently allows extraction of soluble flavoring materials.
The absorption of water molecules by ground coffee, which enables the extraction of soluble flavoring materials.
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a euphemism for urination; "he had to take a leak"
Completeness of contact between particles dispersed in a medium, such as carbon black rubber.
The coating of pigment particles with thinner (not necessarily water) and resin.
The ability of a material to absorb moisture.
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the act of making something wet
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see “wettability