Definitions for "financial statement"
A written report which quantitatively describes the financial health of a company....
This is a statement which includes the annual accounts, directors' report and so on.
A statement of the financial condition or performance of a company; a condensed form of the annual statement.
Also called a "13.3 affidavit." This is a form used in Cook County and is often the first real step in the discovery process. These forms require a party to provide information about their financial situation. There are actually two different forms used and they are sometimes referred to as "13.3(a)" and "13.3(b)" to differentiate. These two forms are actually quite similar in many respects. Your lawyer or his/her paralegal will provide you with the right one for you to fill out.
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a written record of the financial condition of a company for its fiscal yea
A complete summary of what a person or company owns and owes.
a document showing credits and debits
a document issued by banks or credit companies that tracks a person's finances, including credits and debits.
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Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Full-service agency
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Finders Fee First Mortgage
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Another tool used to identify possible causes of loss is a review and analysis of the business's financial records.
a snap-shot of the business resources controlled on a given day
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tax exemption - tax allowance
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a court paper which requires a party to specify her