Definitions for "Travel Agent"
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An individual who arranges travel for individuals or groups. Travel agents may be generalists or specialists (cruises, adventure travel, conventions and meetings.) The agents receive a 10 to 15% commission from accommodations, transportation companies and attractions for coordinating the booking of travel. They typically coordinate travel for their customers at the same or lower cost than if the customer booked the travel on his/her own.
A firm that provides passenger travel information; air, rail, and steamship ticketing; and hotel reservations. The carrier and hotel pay the travel agent a commission.
someone who sells or arranges trips or tours for customers
a professional, just as those others are professionals, and the best way to find one is through other satisfied clients
a trained professional who offers expert travel guidance and planning to individuals, groups or businesses
a trained, skilled professional who helps individuals, groups and organizations plan and execute their holiday or business travel
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Euphemism for an acid dealer.
a salesperson that offers people dream experiences
See Retail business
A licensed travel product retailer that provides travel information, reservations and other forms of assistance to consumers, companies and groups in making travel arrangements.
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a person who A
a sales person
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is a person who makes your travel bookings for you.