Definitions for "Loans"
Money borrowed from government or private institutions to assist in the funding of educational expenses. Some common loans provided by the government include: Federal Perkins and Federal Stafford.
A sum of money lent to another party who agrees to repay the capital lent over a period of time and usually to pay interest on the outstanding balance.
Financial aid that needs to be paid back.
a private program offered by the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC)
a private program offered by the Graduate Management in other schools/departments of the University
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Funds that have been borrowed where a property is used to secure the debt.
Applicable to insurance companies only, this is the aggregate value of all loans made to the company or its insurance funds.
Allows participants to access their plan funds without extra tax costs or penalty. The plan must specifically permit loans before participants may borrow. Check your plan SPD.
Pollution Control Loans are intended to provide loan guarantees to eligible small businesses for the financing of the planning, design, or installation of a pollution control facility. This facility must prevent, reduce, abate, or control any form of pollution, including recycling.
a service mark of HEMAR Insurance Corporation of America
Miscellaneous Mortgages & Property
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The advance of a specified sum of money to a person or business (the borrower) by other persons or businesses, or more particularly by a specialist financial institution (the lender), which makes its profits from the interest charged on loans.
Money borrowed that must be paid back at specific interest rates.
apply only to policies with cash values and allow you to borrow money in two ways. First, a straight loan against cash value and second, using the premium loan provisions. Under this provision any unpaid premiums at the end of the grace period will be deducted from the cash value and treated as a loan against the policy. Return
Housing loans to veterans by banks, savings and loans or other lenders, which are guaranteed by the Veteran's Administration, enabling veterans to buy a residence with little or no down payment.
A loan process generally for self-employed people who do not have the standard financial statements required to obtain a loan. Find out more.
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See Loan Glossary
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Money that the government, school or bank lends to you and your family. You are required to repay loans.
Leads you are in the process of completing a loan with; also called Transactions.
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Long-term debt
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see credit