Definitions for "FREQUENCY REUSE"
A technique which maximizes the capacity of a telecommunications satellite through the use of spatially-isolated beam antennas andlor the use of dual polarities.
The utilization of frequency (channels) more than once in a wireless network; equated primarily with the basic cellular grid design, where each cell uses each channel once within its boundaries and is insulated from other cells using that frequency to allow for anticipated interference; due to the shortcomings of conventional transmission techniques, frequency reuse in adjacent cells has been largely implausible until the recent development of spatial processing technology, which can enable same-cell frequency reuse.
The ability to use the same frequencies repeatedly across a cellular system. As each cell uses radio frequencies only within its boundaries, the same frequencies can be reused in other cells not far away with a limited possibility of interference. The reuse of frequencies is the key concept that enables a cellular system to handle a large amount of calls with a limited number of channels.