Definitions for "Marina"
Keywords:  yacht, dock, harbour, berth, mooring
Any facility for the mooring, berthing, storing, or securing of watercraft, but not including community piers and other non-commercial boat docking and storage facilities.
A place providing secure moorings for pleasure boats and usually offering service facilities, such as fuel docks and showers.
harbour for yachts and other pleasure boats
Marina was the first fantasy series in ABS-CBN. It was first aired on February 2004.ABS-CBN introduces yet another innovation to Filipino television programming as it presents Claudine Barretto in the all-new Fantaserye Marina. Fusing elements of traditional fantasy and myth, high-tech television production methods, and the scope and polish of ABS-CBN's legendary teleserye projects, the all-new "Atlantis" genre that the network is dubbing the "fantaserye" makes its bow with none other than the Teleserye Queen Claudine Barretto and a cast of versatile and award-winning performers in a compelling story of destiny, jealousy, passion, and the lengths we all go to for love.
Marina is a Spanish language telenovela airing on the United States-based television network Telemundo. It premiered on October 16, 2006. The title character is portrayed by actress Sandra Echeverría.
Marina is a German record label started in 1993 and specialising in indie pop. Acts include Ashby, Pearlfishers, Cowboy Mouth and The Bathers.
Keywords:  miel, arroyo, antigua, faux, complex
a closed, residential complex with extensive gardens and swimming pools, situated in Arroyo de la Miel
a part of the complex as is a faux church modeled after one in Antigua
Keywords:  marinus, latin, sea, word
from the latin word "marinus" - "of the sea".
a fascinating place to live and play with a sense of excitement about it
Keywords:  lake, attempt, manage, develop
an attempt to manage the lake, not develop it
Keywords:  river, wall, people
a wall between the people and the river
Keywords:  fit, natural, business
a natural fit for the business we are in
an example of a water dependent activity