Definitions for "SLIVERS"
Refers to tiny polygons which are formed when the sides of two adjacent polygons do not totally match up. Often Slivers are considered spurious in nature.
refers to polygons formed when two adjacent polygons do not abut along a single common line and leave a small space between the larger of the two.
A thin elongated anomaly caused when a piece of metal is rolled into the surface of the pipe. A sliver is usually metallurgically attached at only one end. In MFL inspections, a sliver is sometimes called a lamination.
Thin pieces of metal from a machining process
A continuous, untwisted strand or rope of parallel alpaca fibers approximately uniform in cross-section, produced by the carding and drawing process. Carded slivers are blended prior to combing in the manufacture of worsted yarn.
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Usually a defect in raw material