Definitions for "dodger"
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A screen of cloth or other material erected to protect the cockpit from spray and wind
see cockpit dodger. On motor boats they typically protect the bow area
a sort of quarter-sphere shaped structure just forward of the cockpit which shields people in the cockpit (dodges) from the worst of the wind and any other nasty weather coming over the bow
One who dodges or evades; one who plays fast and loose, or uses tricky devices.
A dodger shirks his duties and evades his responsibilities neither for purposes of graft, nor out of fear, but simply out of a overwhelming distaste for labor. Think of Henry Miller ditching his career and family because he believed that "work... is an activity reserved for the dullard." As Miller eventually discovered, though, dodging is not enough: No matter how artful he may be, the dodger who doesn't quit the job or situation he detests is nothing but a goldbricking slacker; he's just killing time. See: BARTLEBY, KILL TIME, SINECURIST, SKIVER, SLACKER, TRUANT.
Canadian Rock/Reggae band that was formed in Toronto, Ontario by lead singer/song writer Matt Drake, Luke Muldoon (Vocals/Rhythm Guitar) Andrew Russell (MC/Keyboard)Ryan Regimbal (Bass Guitar) Stu Fazekas (Drums). Influenced at a young age by punk rock , Drake soon started expanding his musical tastes and rediscovered one of his first musical loves, The Police. He soon took his band's punk roots and adopted the reggae style of The Police.
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A small handbill.
small oval cake of corn bread baked or fried (chiefly Southern)
1. Bread. 2. Sausage.
a member of the professional baseball team called the Dodgers. At one time the team was headquartered in Brooklyn, New York, when it was called the Borrooklyn Dodgers, but the franchise was transferred to Los Angeles.
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a shifty deceptive person
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See Corndodger.
An advertising circular which is handed out on the street or put in letterboxes.Dogs Retail jargon for goods that are poor-selling merchandise.