Definitions for "Spurs"
Keywords:  shank, rowel, sharp, severety, stubby
Small metal devices worn on the rider's boot to help enforce the leg aids. Come in a range of severety, from very mild blunt spurs to severe roweled models.
made up of heel band, shank, and rowel, the spur is a tool used to persuade but not injure, the horse.
(climbing irons) - A pair of metal shanks with a sharp point at the base, strapped onto the inside of the leg and under the foot, used for climbing wooden poles.
Osteoarthritic condition in which bony growths project outward from the ends of a bone in a joint.
A spur is a small projection from any structure. A bony spur is a spine or a projection from a bone. ‘Spur' is an archaic term for a horny outgrowth from the skin. Spurs may press upon the arteries or affect the attachment of muscles to joints causing unexplained pain. Spurs are easily diagnosable through X-rays.
a projecting body, as from a bone.
Keywords:  outer, guide, holes, bits, wood
Spurs are the outer points, usually on wood bits, used to guide when cutting holes.