Definitions for "Nails"
specialized horny extensions of the skin made up of keratin.
The nail plate is composed of horny cells containing keratin and is produced by nail matrix. Fingernails grow 0.1mm per day; toenails 0.03mm per day.
are of various kinds; the ordinary nail has a square head; those in insignia of the GLAZIERS' Company are called closing nails, and are drawn as in the margin; tilers' nails have larger heads than ordinary nails. Horse-nails are also found named. The term spike is sometimes used for nail, and the drawing is sometimes mistaken for the wedge. (See also Passion-nails). Ermine, three nails meeting in point sable--CADE. Argent, a bend gules between six tiler's nails sable--John TYLER, Bishop of Llandaff, 1706-24. Argent, on two chevrons sable ten horse-nails or--CLOUVYLE, Essex. Argent, three spikes gules, closing towards the points in base--BALMAKIN, Scotland. Gules, semy of nails or, a lion rampant argent--BRYN. EAME.
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Hand-made nails were used particularly from Roman times for fixing hinges and locks before the advent of screws. They were also used concurrently with wooden dowels, for joining planks before the introduction of mortise and tenon joints, although they are seen on country furniture made well into the 18thC. Machine-made nails were made from the early 19thC.
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A hard covering on the end of the finger, which Mom can never have a full set of due to pitching for batting practice, opening stubborn modeling clay lids and removing heat ducts to retrieve army men and/or doll clothing.
2.75" rocket warheads loaded with hundreds of small steel darts called "fleshettes".
Hammering nails predicts, that you will be able to achieve something you thought was beyond your reach. To see shiny new nails forecasts unexpected news. Bent or rusty nails signifies minor reverses.
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