Definitions for "brackets"
A pair of mirror-image symbols used to enclose text, with one symbol being an "open", and the other a "close". e.g. [square brackets], curly braces, and parentheses.
brackets ( ) - Use parentheses to group words e.g. (Child OR adolescent) AND (hearing OR auditory) finds articles with one or both "child" and "adolescent" and one or both of the words "hearing" or "auditory"
the punctuation marks [ ] used only within a quoted passage to enclose additions (which explain a work or give information to the reader) in your words; NOT the same as parenthesis.
The device used to attach the rails firmly to the hoistway.
The physical peice(s) that connect the blind with wall or surface of the house. Brackets come in a range of sizes and shapes and are matched with the mounting or installation preference you choose in the configuration of the covering.
Installation parts that are mounted on the window frame or wall used to attach and install the headrail of a window treatment.
Ornamental pieces used on the skirt boards and stair stringers. Several different variations exists from carved to scrolled. Typically they are 1/4” thick and made from the same wood species as the rest of the stair system.
Ornamental devices applied to the surface of the stair stringer under the treads of open tread stairs.
Also referred to as stringers brackets. Decorative pieces fastened to the outside of a stringer.
these are for extra information (an aside, sometimes humorous etc.) which is clearly not part of the main statement. They are used for the same purpose as a pair of commas but are more decisive.
The individual unit the Orthodontist places on each tooth, which serves as a handle, in the alignment of teeth.
Support and restraint angle brackets are designed and specified by Trent in-house engineers.
See Angle brackets.
brackets configures, manages and displays the results of a knockout tournament .
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Supports for either a rod, pole, shade, or valance shelf.
Supports, often curved and decorative, beneath a horizontal member.
IPs of a special type used to demarcate groupings of IPs within IP streams
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(also see flags)