Definitions for "bounded"
Keywords:  iend, istart, subrange, adj, sequence
adj. (of a sequence , by an ordered pair of bounding indices istart and iend) restricted to a subrange of the elements of that includes each element beginning with (and including) the one indexed by istart and continuing up to (but not including) the one indexed by iend.
Producing greater or lesser consequences than other accidents; or would "bound" the remainder of the accidents.
Producing the greatest consequences of any assessment of impacts associated with normal or abnormal operations.
A set in a metric space is bounded if it has finite diameter. Equivalently, a set is bounded if it is contained in some open ball of finite radius. A function taking values in a metric space is bounded if its is a bounded set.
Keywords:  shop, raw, quantity, lot, parent
The adjustment of a shop order quantity of a parent to use the remaining units of a component, raw material, or lot.
Keywords:  border, physical, defined
having a defined physical border.
Keywords:  established, limits
having the limits or boundaries established.