Definitions for "SWR"
Keywords:  transmitter, vswr, wave, antenna, radio
Standing Wave Ratio. The ratio between the amount of an electromagnetic wave which is radiated from an aerial to that which is reflected back into the transmitter. A poor SWR can lead to a bad signal, damage to radio equipment and radiation hazards.
Standing Wave Ratio. A ratio of the minimum amplitude to the minimum amplitude of a standing wave stated in current or voltage amplitudes.
"Standing Wave Ratio"; an indication of how well matched an antenna is to its transmitter. A "one to one" (1:1) SWR indicates a perfect match. Anything less than 1:1 (i.e., 2:1) indicates that the antenna is not perfectly resonant for the transmit frequency, and that some RF power is being reflected back down the transmission line into the transmitter. In general, any SWR which is 3:1 or better is acceptable.
Shadow wage rate. The economic price of labor measured in the appropriate numeraire as the weighted average of its demand and supply price. For labor that is scarce, the SWR is likely to be equal to or greater than the project wage. For labor that is not scarce, the SWR is likely to be less than the project wage. Where labor markets for labor that is not scarce are competitive, the SWR can be approximated by a market wage rate for casual unskilled labor in the relevant location, and adjusted to the appropriate numeraire.
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