Definitions for "Carillon "
Keywords:  chime, bell, tune, tower, chromatic
A chime of bells diatonically tuned, played by clockwork or by finger keys.
A tune adapted to be played by musical bells.
a set of church bells; generally found only in churches large enough to have a tower or steeple strong enough to support the weight of the many bells; some of the bells may weigh a ton or more.
Carillon is a former provincial electoral division in Manitoba, Canada.
Carillon is a simple, fast, and effective type-based system for finding Y2K errors in C programs. Carillon extends the standard C type system with a user-defined set of year-related type qualifiers. The user annotates year-related functions with the appropriate qualifiers, and Carillon checks the program for Y2K errors.
in either alphabetical or logical context