Definitions for "Vertical blanking"
Keywords:  retrace, crt, blanked, beam, scan
The portion of the video signal when brightness is suppressed at the end of a field, during which the electron beam retraces from the bottom to the top of the screen.
Turning off the electron beam in a CRT during the time the beam returns from the bottom of the screen to the top after scanning each field of a picture. If vertical blanking does not occur, a diagonal retrace line will display from the lower right to the upper left of the screen. Also see " Retrace."
Also called retrace, this is the process of bringing the scanning electron beam in a CRT from the bottom of the picture back up to the top of the picture. During this time the electron beam is shut off (blanked). Approximately 92% of the frame period is spent writing active horizontal lines, while the remaining 8% is spent on vertical retrace.
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The amount of time between frames.