Definitions for "lifted"
See huckled. That Lighthouse Family song never quite hit the same note north of the border.
Lifted is a 2006 Pixar computer animated short that will be released theatrically with Ratatouille, which will be released in the United States on June 29, 2007.
"Lifted" is a pop song written by British duo Lighthouse Family, for their debut album Ocean Drive (1996). The song was produced by Michael Peden. It was released as the first single in May 1995 and reached the top 70 in the United Kingdom.
Lifted is a music collective formed as part of a college project in 1996 by a group of young artists and musicians from the West Midlands, UK. The Group have organised several free festivals including Sounds in the park and other parties. DJ's have gone on to perform at Glastonbury festival, and get themselves signed to a few record labels.
Keywords:  upraised, stood, flag, held, arms
held up in the air; "stood with arms upraised"; "her upraised flag"
Keywords:  lighten, leg
Lifting a leg Lighten up
Refers to over-the-counter trading. Having an offer taken in a stock, followed by the market-maker raising his offer price.
Keywords:  upward, room, left, turned, face
turned upward; as, she left the room with her face lifted.