Definitions for "LIGHTHOUSE"
Keywords:  tower, foghorn, siren, beacon, coast
A tower or other building with a powerful light at top, erected at the entrance of a port, or at some important point on a coast, to serve as a guide to mariners at night; a pharos.
a building on or near the shore, with a light high enough above the water to warn sailors from danger. .
Navigation aid - usually automatic. Controlled by the coast guard.
A tall building on the seashore in which the government maintains a lamp and the friend of a politician.
a person, family or small group committed to pray for, care for and share Christ with family members, friends, classmates, coworkers and neighbors, especially those who do not know him
a person or family, a church or any group of people who commits to pray for and care for their neighbors (or coworkers, schoolmates, friends), and to sensitively share Jesus Christ with them as God directs
Keywords:  faireway, inn
An inn in Faireway
Keywords:  kim, carnes, album, studio, music
Lighthouse is a studio album by Kim Carnes, released in 1986 (see 1986 in music).
Keywords:  penguin, beach, stairs, hall, club
The lighthouse of Club Penguin is situated on the beach. Upon entry, one will see a hall. On the back wall, there are stairs.
an academy that provides materials, meeting space, and hosts classroom visits and opportunities to network and discuss real issues around academy development and improvement
A tall structure with a powerful light used to guide marine traffic. The light may be an "attraction light", which indicates a safe direction, or a "repellant light", which indicates a hazard to avoid.
a light structure that is fully or partially enclosed and capable of admitting a person to operate or maintain the light from within
Keywords:  metaphor, human, goodness
a metaphor for human goodness
Keywords:  trouble, place, security, time
a place of security in a time of trouble
Keywords:  mathematical, figure
a mathematical figure