Definitions for "INN "
A house for the lodging and entertainment of travelers or wayfarers; a tavern; a public house; a hotel.
To take lodging; to lodge.
To house; to lodge.
International Nonproprietary Name.Generic Name
International Nonproprietary Names
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INN is an extremely flexible and configurable Usenet / netnews news server. It supports accepting articles via either NNTP connections or via UUCP, as well as serving out articles to reading clients via NNTP.
Istituto Nazionale della Nutrizione Roma - Via Ardeatina, 546
Instituto Nacional de Normalizació n
To dream of an inn, denotes prosperity and pleasures, if the inn is commodious and well furnished. To be at a dilapidated and ill kept inn, denotes poor success, or mournful tasks, or unhappy journeys.
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Most Inns are used to rent in multi. If you wanna quit playing and store the eq you wear you rent in an inn or at the cryogenics. You can rent max. 30 items which will be charged with a certain fee for storing them per day. Its enough to have some money with you or have some gold at your bank account. If you wanna rent for a day you best use an Inn. If you wanna rent for a longer time (more than 4 days) you should use the cryo. which will cahrge you a fee for 4 days as long as u wanna stay out of the game. {help rent
A place of shelter; hence, dwelling; habitation; residence; abode.
The town residence of a nobleman or distinguished person; as, Leicester Inn.
One of the colleges (societies or buildings) in London, for students of the law barristers; as, the Inns of Court; the Inns of Chancery; Serjeants' Inns.
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To get in; to in. See In, v. t.