Definitions for "Truncate"
To cut off; to lop; to maim.
Appearing as if cut off at the tip; as, a truncate leaf or feather.
Having a square or broad end.
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The -truncate option causes Wusage to truncate log files after analysis. Filenames ending in .gz or .zip are not truncated, as they are assumed to be archival information. If analysis is not completely successful, truncation is not performed. Truncation reduces the size of each log file to zero. This is preferable to deletion because certain web servers will not automatically recognize a deleted log file and begin logging again. (always used with ) The -u option is used to specify that Wusage should analyze a stand-alone user agent log. This option is always used in conjunction with the -l filename option, which indicates where the user agent log file is located. This option produces a report in a subdirectory called agents in the report directory. This special filename is used to avoid overwriting the normal output of wusage. It is better to configure your web server to log this information in the regular server log so it can be analyzed as part of your normal reports.
DDL command that removes all data from a table. One cannot ROLLBACK after executing a TRUNCATE statment. Also see Delete.
In SQL, the TRUNCATE statement removes all the data from a table. The TRUNCATE statement is not actually a part of the SQL standard, but many relational database management systems implement it. It is equivalent in function to a DELETE FROM my_table; statement.
To remove files that are in remote storage from local storage, reclaiming space in local storage. When a premigrated file is truncated it is converted to a remote storage identifier or placeholder.
To drop characters of a string after a certain point has been reached. For example, if a field is only 10 spaces long and the bar code read is 14 characters long, the last four characters are dropped.
To discard or lose one or more characters from the beginning or end of a value, whether intentionally or unintentionally.
To drop characters at the end of a data field because the field being converted or keyed is too long to fit in the record positions in which it must be stored.
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Trunk Truss
To remove an original check from the forward collection or return process and send to a recipient, in lieu of such original check, a substitute check or, by agreement, information relating to the original check (including data taken from the MICR line of the original check or an electronic image of the original check), whether with or without the subsequent delivery of the original check.
Removing the oldest data (that is, Time Steps s before the Horizon) from the History.
approximate by ignoring all terms beyond a chosen one; "truncate a series"
Terminated by a nearly straight edge or surface.
Having the edge vertical and straight.
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Leaf type. Describes an African Violet leaf with a flat base.
Truncates a decimal number at a specified number of places to the right of the decimal point.
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