Definitions for "Still life"
a type of painting in which inanimate objects such as flowers or fruit are represented.
the inanimate subject matter of a still life painting or photograph; as, to painted only still life.
a painting of an arranged group of objects, such as fruit, flowers, or books
Still Life is the fourth studio album from Swedish progressive death metal band Opeth. Prior to the release of Blackwater Park in 2001, Still Life was the band's most commercially successful album . Like most of the band's albums, Still Life features the unusual marriage of death metal and progressive rock elements that helps differentiate Opeth from their musical peers.
Still Life is an album by Van der Graaf Generator. It was originally released in 1976. Bonus tracks were added for the 2005 rerelease.
Still Life is a 2005 computer adventure game by MC2-Microïds.
A 35mm transparency. Not recommended for art Copy Work. High-quality 35mm slides can be printed up to 30" or even larger depending on the nature of the image, grain of the film, and the "look" desired by the photographer.
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