Definitions for "CFB"
abbreviation for "coated-front-and back." It refers to carbonless systems (chemical-mated and mechanical-mated) that require the contact of two paper surfaces, each with a different coating. A coated-front-and-back sheet reacts under impact or pressure to form an image on the coated-front side, and the chemicals on the coated-back surface of the paper react to form an image on an adjacent coated front surface.
Coated front and back (carbonless papers).
coated front and back - The middle sheets in a corbonless form.
Cipher feedback. Uses a block cipher (such as DES) to implement a stream cipher.
Cipher Feedback Mode. Operation mode that consists in utilizing a shift register that is encrypted and combined with the plain message using XOR. The ciphered message is shifted within the register. The shift register must be initialized with an initialization vector.
Ciphertext feedback (CFB) is a mode of operation for a block cipher. In contrast to the cipher block chaining (CBC) mode, which encrypts a set number of bits of plaintext at a time, it is at times desirable to encrypt and transfer some plaintext values instantly one at a time, for which ciphertext feedback is a method.
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anadian orces ase.
Circulating fluidized bed. Coal, air and inert material such as limestone is fed into a combustor and burned at a relatively low temperature. The products of combustion are then circulated through a cyclone and back to the combustor to be completely burned. Gas clean-up systems result in low emissions. The largest operational CFB boilers are in the 300-megawatt range, and it's not proven with high-sodium lignite.
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Commission fédérale des banques (Federal Banking Commission).
Cisco IOS Conference Bridge designation for conferencing.
Corporation of Finance Brokers. Red to Black is a member.
Corporation of Finance Brokers. An association aiming to ensure that member firms are kept up to date with changing legislation and current trends within the profession, and to enhance the status and ethical standards of finance brokers.
Corporation of Finance Brokers. 21st Direct is a member.
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"Clear as a f! bell."
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Call Forwarding on mobile Busy
Call Forward Busy
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Canadian Forces Base