Definitions for "Conductance"
Conducting power; -- the reciprocal of resistance. A suggested unit is the mho, the reciprocal of the ohm.
A measure of the ability of a solution to carry electricity; the reciprocal of the electrical resistance. The unit of conductance is the ohm (reciprocal ohm).
the opposite of resistance; a good conductor has a low resistance; defined as the reciprocal of resistance or as the quotient, current through the object divided by the potential difference across it. Usual symbol: . The SI unit is the siemens, symbol S.
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This is the actual capacity of a vacuum piping system in terms of flow. Can be described in ACFM, M3/Hour, Litres/Second, etc. Conductance in a vacuum system can be limited by line size and line configuration.
The rate of heat flow (in BTUs per hour) through an object when a 1° F. temperature difference is maintained between the sides of the object.
The time rate of steady-state heat flow through a unit area of a material or construction induced by a unit temperature difference between the specimen surfaces (in W·m-2·K-1 or Btu·h-1·ft-2·°F-1). .
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In SUTRA, either of two parameters, GNUP and GNUU, used to enforce specified pressure and specified concentration/temperature boundary conditions. These parameters are set in dataset 5 of the main input (".inp") file. See Sections 3.5 and 7.7 of the SUTRA documentation, and " Q: What do the boundary conductances GNUP and GNUU do, and why are they important?" on the " Frequently asked questions" page.
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For an ergodic reversible Markov Chain with an underlying graph G, the conductance is a way to measure how hard it is to leave a small set of nodes. Writing \Phi_S for the conditional probability of leaving a set of nodes S given that we were in that set to begin with, then the conductance is defined as the minimal \Phi_S over sets S that have a total stationary probability of at most 1/2. Conductance is related to Markov chain mixing time in the reversible setting.
Under steady-state conservative conditions, the ration of throughput to the pressure differential between two specified cross sections inside a pumping system.
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See conductivity thickness