Definitions for "DVD-Audio"
Keywords:  khz, fidelity, pcm, uncompressed, dolby
A pre-recorded DVD format intended to carry high quality audio data plus optional images, text, video and menus. The format was defined in 1999 and players and discs appeared from late 2000.
A music-oriented DVD format that can carry up to 6 channels of 96kHz/24-bit audio (music for 5.1-channel mobile theater systems), or 2 channels of ultra high-resolution 192kHz/24-bit audio. Most DVD-Audio discs also carry Dolby Digital or stereo soundtracks for playback on DVD players that lack DVD-Audio decoders. A DVD-Audio disc may also contain liner notes, lyrics, menus, and still pictures that can display on your video monitor.
A DVD-Audio disc has the capacity to store more than 7 times the amount of information that that of a standard compact disc. This translates into more then 4.7GB of data. The structure of a DVD-Audio disc allows data to be mastered on both sides, allowing 12x the data storage potential then that of a standard CD. DVD-Audio is un-compressed, allowing a much richer fidelity. Most DVD-Audio discs contain Dolby Digital audio tracks so they can be played on any standard DVD player.