Definitions for "ATRAC3"
Keywords:  mdlp, minidisc, sony, codec, realaudio
Audio codec offering close to CD-quality sound. It's used for MDLP recording with some MiniDisc recorders, for music storage in some portable memory players, and in Internet music applications such as Liquid Audio and RealAudio.
Sony's audio codec used by MDLP MiniDisc players and Sony portable players. It allows twice the data compression of ATRAC.
ATRAC3 is Sony's new digital data compression format. It stands for Adaptive TRansform Acoustic Coding. ATRAC made its debut in 1992 with MiniDisc. The latest ATRAC3 roughly doubles the data compression capability of ATRAC, making it possible to now record up to 320 minutes of music on a single MiniDisc or 4 hours of music on a 128MB Memory Stick.