Definitions for "SACD"
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Super Audio CD, an alternative to the DVD-Audio format developed by Philips and Sony. It is designed to play on audio CD players and Super Audio CD players by comprising two layers: one with CD-Audio the other with high quality audio. The audio encoding used is Direct Stream Digital ( DSD).
Super Audio CD. Developed by Sony and Philips, SACD uses 1 Bit Direct Stream Digital (DSD) Technology. Most discs are Dual Layered, with a Standard CD Layer which will Playback on Regular CD Players and an SACD Layer for better Performance when played on an SACD capable Machine.
Super Audio CD. An enhanced audio format featuring up to six channels of high-resolution audio. Requires a SACD player.
An authors rights' collective management society, founded in France on 7 March 1829 as "Société des Auteurs et Compositeurs Dramatiques" (English: "Society of Dramatic Authors and Composers")
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Saddle Samarium-Cobalt Magnet