Definitions for "Moods"
this feature is optional and some boards may choose not to use it. But if you see a BbMood Selector either on the top right of the Board/Forum Table or at the lower right of the Board/Forum Table, you can click on the Mood icons to trigger the selector menu which will change your BbMood when you submit changes using it. If you've never chosen a Mood you will need to click on the word Unspecified that will appear in the area the Mood you choose will show. It will say, "Your Current Mood is: [b]Unspecified[/b]" and that is a text link that will trigger the Mood Selector menu. To see all of our potential BbMoods at one time you can look here: BbMoods
Feelings that tend to be less intense than emotions and that lack a contextual stimulus. 49
Keywords:  shorthand, mud, speeches, tags, permits
shorthand for the mud's speech system, which permits placing speech tags on your speeches