Definitions for "Pethidine"
Narcotic analgesic.
A pain-relief medication usually given by injection in the thigh or buttocks and is widely used for relief of pain during childbirth. It is similar to morphine and causes dizziness, drowsiness and an altered level of perception. Pethidine inhibit's the pain signals that are sent to the brain and can actually increase the amount of pain a woman can tolerate. !-- ctxt_ad_partner = "2012884650"; ctxt_ad_section = ""; ctxt_ad_bg = ""; ctxt_ad_width = 336; ctxt_ad_height = 280; ctxt_ad_bc = "FFFFFF"; ctxt_ad_cc = "FFFFFF"; ctxt_ad_lc = "666666"; ctxt_ad_tc = "666666"; ctxt_ad_uc = "666666";
A strong analgesic (painkilling) drug.
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Pethidine (INN) or meperidine (USAN) (also referred to as: isonipecaine; lidol; operidine; pethanol; piridosal; Algil®; Alodan®; Centralgin®; Demerol®; Dispadol®; Dolantin®; Dolargan® (in Poland)