Definitions for "Alterative"
Gradually changing, or tending to change, a morbid state of the functions into one of health.
A medicine or treatment which gradually induces a change, and restores healthy functions without sensible evacuations.
An herb or substance that corrects body functions either gradually or quickly by stimulating the defensive mechanisms of the metabolism, blood, or tissue in the presence of chronic or acute disease. (The time required may be six months or longer if chronic or a few minutes if acute). An herb which produces gradual and beneficial changes in the body, usually by improving metabolism, nutrition, circulation, or elimination, but without causing any drastic effects.
A vague term to indicate a substance which hastens the renewal of the tissues so that they can better carry out their function
increases glandular activity and tissue metamorphosis
Hastens renewal of tissue.
an enhanced, catabolic interaction between the RPE and the ROS, possibly exacerbated by a feedback loop triggered by accumulating disc debris
corrects general body dysfunction
Normalises excretory processes and detoxification of the body.
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Causing ateration.