Definitions for "Rasayana"
An Ayurvedic tonic.
(raa shy a na) an herbal adaptogen or formula of herbs that stimulates rejuvenation of tissue. A rejuvenation therapy; incorporating Rasayana herbs. For arthritis & joint pain, asthma & bronchial problems, allergies, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, weakness & debility, tiredness, toxic conditions, back ache and sciatica.
Ayurvedic rejuvenation methods
Rasayana, a Sanskrit word (with literal meaning: Path (ayana) of the Juice (rasa), or Elixir vitae), is used to describe chemistry and alchemy, and chemistry is generally called Rasayan Shastra in Sanskrit, Marathi, Hindi and several other languages derived from Sanskrit. Ancient rasayana texts center around the use of mercury, as do occidental alchemical texts. However, there is also ample mention of the preparation of medical tinctures in the ancient science of rasayana; rasayana is in fact a part of Ayurveda.