Definitions for "Passion Flower"
Is a Natural Tranquilizer and is used to relieve Muscle Tension; This herb is one of natures best tranquilizers. It is used to relieve muscle tension and anxiety. Passion flower is a safe natural alternative to promote a restful sleep and is recommended by herbalistâ€(tm)s for times of emotional upset. It has also been used for asthma and seizures.
Its roots and leaves are used in skin care formulations for their soothing and conditioning properties.
This exotic and sweet-scented flower is soothing, anti-inflammatory and sedative in nature.
Keywords:  thorns, apostles, lacy, stamens, petals
the elements of the passion of Christ: the lacy crown—the crown of thorns; the five stamens—the five wounds; the 10 petals—the 10 faithful Apostles
has a lot of water, flushes out water retention - it has 1800 times the water level as what is considered "normal"