Definitions for "EAS"
Extended Area Service. Option whereby the telephone subscriber can pay a higher flat rate in order to obtain wider geographical coverage without additional per-call charges.
Environmental Alarm System. The EAS provides a central location for site alarm signal processing. The EAS monitors environmental conditions of the site, including power, smoke alarms, and intrusion alarms.
See External Authorization Service.
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mergency lert ystem. Digital communications network that replaced EBS. A cooperative arrangement between broadcast radio and TV stations and local government to provide a direct communications path to the public in the event of a community emergency.
Emergency Alert System
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Expert Agent Selection. A software application that distributes calls to agents according to agent skill. A DEFINITY feature that matches a caller's needs to an agent's abilities, and uses vectoring to queue calls to appropriate agent groups, or skills.
Expert Agent Selection—a DEFINITY ECS feature that provides a group of capabilities, including assigning skills to VDNs and agents. This is a skills-based form of call routing.
a federal warning system that is activated by FEMA; enables the President to take over the United States airwaves to warn the whole country of major catastrophic events
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equivalent airspeed
Enterprise Applications Solutions. Helps businesses streamline and manage critical operations such as inventory maintenance, supplier interaction, product planning, purchasing, customer service and order tracking. Supported by multi-module application software, it links together fragmented operations and shares data across an integrated set of application modules.
Enterprise Agreement for Software
enterprise access security.
European Acceptance Scheme for construction products in contact with drinking water