Definitions for "Stems"
Keywords:  satire, satine, bingos, stane, premixes
Combinations of letters that are especially bingo-prone. SATINE and SATIRE, for example, are stems for over 50 bingos each. See Word Lists! Section
Certain five- and six-letter combinations of letters are so useful for forming bingos that lists of bingos have been printed that use these five- and six-letter stems. Some of the more useful stems are: STARE, STANE, RETINA, SATINE, SATIRE. By learning these lists and saving these letters, players will be able to play bingos more often.
Final-stage premixes, fully balanced and positioned, which still contain the individual elements (music, dialogue, and effects) separately. Stems are combined to produce the final printing master and other delivery requirements.
Keywords:  wreath
Stems on wreath.
Keywords:  unbranched
Plants portions that have been pruned but are suitable for replanting
Keywords:  tannic, taste, wine, red
A tannic taste of stems in a red wine.
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The number of trees normally expressed as "stems per hectare" i.e. the number of trees per hectare.
Lighting accessories that are used for landscape lighting and act as a stake or rod-like base for mounting path lights.