Definitions for "CHIP SEAL"
A mixture of aggregates and asphalt cements applied as an aggregate sealcoat. The asphalt cement is sprayed on the pavement and the aggregate sprinkled on the surface.
A surface treatment in which the pavement is sprayed with asphalt (generally emulsified) and then immediately covered with aggregate and rolled. Chip seals are used primarily to seal the surface of a pavement with non load-associated cracks and to improve surface friction, although they also are commonly used as a wearing course on low volume roads.
A sprayed-on application of an asphaltic emulsion, with a thin layer of aggregate spread over an existing surface. The emulsion improves or restores the waterproof condition of the old pavement surface. Also, it arrests any scuffing or raveling. The addition of a cover of aggregate over the sprayed-on emulsion restores and improves the skid resistance.