Definitions for "cutback"
a sudden switching of directions of a running football player, a surfboarder, etc.
As the name suggests, a manouvre where the surfer changes direction on the wave an cuts back to where the power is. The surfer usually changes direction again once in the 'pocket' an carries on.
Turning on the face of the wave to head back to the white water.
In roofing, basic asphalt or tar which has been "cut back" with solvents and oils so that the material become fluid.
Bitumen thinned by solvents that is used in cold-process roofing adhesives, roof cements, and roof coatings.
solvent-thinned bitumen used in cold process roofing adhesives, flashing cements and roof coatings.
a reduction in quantity or rate; a reduction in the amount of an activity or the funding for an activity; as, cutbacks in government research funding increased unemployment among scientists; the recession caused a cutback in auto production.
a reduction in the life insurance benefit
Reduction or decrease, such as in the workforce or in inventory.
Keywords:  cutaway, scene, novel, earlier, return
a return to an earlier scene or story line in a novel, movie, etc.
return to a previous scene following a reaction shot or other cutaway
a method for automatically reducing the step size when either the solution error is too large or the solution encounters convergence difficulties during a nonlinear analysis