Definitions for "Pumice"
Keywords:  frothy, rhyolite, froth, volcanic, lava
A very light porous volcanic scoria, usually of a gray color, the pores of which are capillary and parallel, giving it a fibrous structure. It is supposed to be produced by the disengagement of watery vapor without liquid or plastic lava. It is much used, esp. in the form of powder, for smoothing and polishing. Called also pumice stone.
A type of lava that is porous and mostly glass. In solid form, it is used in powdered forms as an abrasive.
A very porous volcanic glass, possibly best described as glass froth.
Keywords:  tha, perlite, peat, skulls, substrate
a low-cost natural substrate tha can be combined with sand, rice skulls, perlite, peat and nutrients
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