Definitions for "Volcanic eruption"
Keywords:  fragmentary, lava, vent, aerial, steam
An explosion caused by the intense heating of subterranean rock which expels lava, steam, ashes, etc., through vents in the earth's crust.
the eruption of molten material, rocks, steam, and other gases from the interior of the earth. Eruption may be continuous and slow (as in Hawaii) or extremely violent (e.g., Mt. St. Helens in Washington). Nuee ardente, a hot, poisonous cloud of gas and debris that races down the side of a volcano, is extremely dangerous and lethal.
The discharge (aerial explosive) of fragmentary ejects, lava and gases from a volcanic vent.152
an ecological catastrophe, and a touch of climate cooling can't make up for that
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an extraordinary thing
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a natural disaster
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Material from deep within the earth/magma chamber finds its way to the surface.