Definitions for "Gene pool"
The sum of genetic information for a population.
collectively, all of the alleles of all the genes in a population.
The combination of all genes and gene variations of a specified group, e.g. species
the variety of genes available within a breed after several generations of breeding. If all cats within a breed are descended from a single mating, with no further outcrosses, the breed has a very limited gene pool.
Refers to all of the genetic-based information available to an individual. Each individual inherited half of their genetic information from their mother and half from their father. When a mother, child, and alleged father is tested for DNA paternity, we can determine half of the genetic information inherited by the child from his mother. The other half should come from the biological father. When the DNA pattern of the child's and that of the alleged father is compared, possible paternity will then be affirmed or negated.