Definitions for "AMC "
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air mission commander
Air Mobility Command or Army Materiel Command
Air Mobility Command, Scott AFB, IL
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American Mensa Committee, the ruling body of American Mensa. Consists of elected officers and several appointed officers.
American Movie Classics channel
American Mensa Committee - The governing body of American Mensa.
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Allied Military Currency. money issued by Allied military authority(USA, UK, Russia and France) during and after the World War II in following countries: Austria, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Japan.
Allied Military Currency. notes used in WWII by Allied military forces. These were issued for use in such places as France, Germany, Italy and Japan.
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Academia Mexicana de Ciencias
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AMC is a programmable compiler/preprocessor. It has a built-in programming language called CGL that lets you add new syntactical elements to the source files that AMC processes. In addition, AMC has a module structure reminescent of the UCSD p-System compiler. AMC comes with a default package that adds a dynamic form of OOP to C.
Automated Model Compiler (AMC), based on DESERT. "A model compiler is a tool that automatically composes a model from a set of sub-models and an architectural description of the arrangement of sub-models, ensuring full-connectivity of all control flow and data flow signals between sub-models, proper sequencing of sub-models, and compatibility of sub-models" Butts et. al. "Usage Scenarios for an Automated Model Compiler," EMSOFT 2001.
Applications Management Center
aviation maintenance company
Asset Management Companies
Antiochian Orthodox Patriarchal Vicariate of Mexico
Amethyst Cubic Zirconia* AQS = Aquamarine Synthetic
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Acronym Arthur Mee Centre - Broxtowe College centre Read more about 'AMC'...
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Astoria Metals Corp.
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ANA Mileage Club
Australian Medical Council
Airport Mail Center. A postal mail processing facility located at an airport.
Augusta Medical Center
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Advanced Mezzanine Card
Airborne Molecular Contamination
Agricultural Marketing Corporation
After Market Close Khalsa_PC1
Additional Market Coverage. An option for delivering preprinted inserts; see "Product Options" for more details.
A transmitter dynamically employs different modulation and code-rate combinations, to provide different data rates in response to changing channel conditions.
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All My Chips – a declaration during a game.