Definitions for "School District"
A legally constituted collection of institutions, within defined geographic and/or philosophical boundaries, that collaborate in teaching students of less than college age.
a district whose public schools are administered together
a civil division of the State, and the board of education is the agency to which the State delegates the power and duty of controlling the schools in the district
a creature of statute, has no powers beyond those given by Legislature, and may contract only respecting objects and to extent laws permit
a legal entity created by statute with a corporate existence
a unit of local self-government, democratic in form, possessing no rights or powers beyond those conferred upon it by the terms of the statutes of its creation
a socialization experience, a way of dividing the loyalties of our youth into arbitrary rival nations, the Central Tigers against the Hall Warriors, the Dardanelle Sand Lizards against the Harrison Golden Goblins
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a corporate body with the power to sue and be sued
an other municipal corporation and its real estate is other public grounds within provisions of this section
a unique body corporate and politic, usually with standing before the law coequal to that of a city
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a team that has many players