Definitions for "Budget plan"
a MUST for any wedding so that only that money is spent which you can afford to
an important requirement for any wedding so that only that
An agreement between the household and the utility company or fuel supplier that allows the household to pay the same amount for fuel for each month for a number of months.
An even monthly payment system. Estimated annual fuel consumption is divided into equal monthly installments. At the end of payment period, the account is reconciled, balancing to actual fuel consumed.
a proven shield against price fluctuations - your energy expenses are under control, even if temperatures drop or fuel prices rise
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a special program that allows Bob to fill in empty booking spots, help newer stylists get customers and assist long term customers who want to take advantage of a last minute opportunity for their friends and family at a budget price
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A plan whereby large policies of insurance are divided into smaller policies, to expire and be renewed on consecutive years, the policies being written at pro rata of the long-term rates so that the premium payment is spread over several years.
a document in which the library director and board have made an effort to identify (through a three-to-five-year budget) all of the cost factors associated with computer and network technology in the library
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a great way to take control of your budget