Definitions for "lump sum"
A single payment for the total amount due, as opposed to a series of periodic payments.
Your lump sum at retirement refers to the cash amount that you are allowed to withdraw from your retirement fund. You are, according to current legislation, allowed a lump sum withdrawal of up to one third of your accrued retirement savings of which the greater of R120 000 or R4 500 X n, where n constitutes the number of years that you contributed to a particular retirement fund is tax free.
A large one-time payment of money.
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The price agreed upon between supplier and purchaser for a group of items without breakdown of individual item prices; a lot price. In construction, "lump sum," means a fixed total price for the complete project, as specified.
A price for a group of goods or services where there is no breakdown of price for the various items.
This describes an all-inclusive charge quoted to a customer to move his or her possessions. Based on information provided, or gathered by the estimator, it will remain unchanged provided that the information (e.g. the goods to be shipped or the destination address) is not changed. Also used by forwarders or carriers for rates with the same meaning in regards to transportation.
Legislative authority to expend appropriated funds from any Object Class the agency determines appropriate.
Refers to the mode of investing with which an investor is usually subject to a maximum initial investment amount without any maximum amount. The investor may opt to invest subsequently as and when he chooses, subject to a minimum amount each time, and availability of units.
A rate given based on the information supplied by you to the mover, this is the price charged as long as the information supplied is accurate.