Definitions for "deferred annuity"
An annuity that delays income payments until the holder chooses to receive them.
An annuity that can be paid either with a single premium or with a series of installments and includes a schedule of periodic income benefit payments to commence after an accumulation period (more than one year). Because the inside build-up on life insurance products is tax-deferred, deferred annuities have become a very popular vehicle for retirement savings and tax planning. Deferred annuities can either be sold on a single-premium (SPDA) or flexible-premium (FPDA) basis.
Used to accumulate retirement savings; taxes are paid when the money is withdrawn, whether as a lump sum or in payments.
a contract between a life insurance company and an
Type of contract used to accumulate money over a number of years. Early withdrawals, those taken within the first years of the contract, are penalized under prescribed conditions.
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a very safe investment--the insurance company is required to retain reserves that are equal to or greater than the total value of your policy (principal plus interest minus any early withdrawal fees)