Definitions for "Withdrawals"
Money that you withdraw from your annuity. In a deferred annuity, you can generally make full or partial withdrawals, although a withdrawal charge may be imposed. A tax penalty may also be imposed.
You can withdraw all or part of your money from an annuity or insurance cash value (although you may need the issuing company's approval). In some cases a fee may be charged (See withdrawal charges.)
Money that is withdrawn from an annuity. In a deferred annuity, full or partial withdrawals may be made, although a withdrawal charge may be imposed. There may also be a tax liability.
1) Any reduction in funds maintained in a deposit account or mutual fund. 2) Funds of a proprietorship or a partnership that are directly removed from the firm by the proprietor or partners. These are distributions distinct from salary, commission, bonus, or rent payments paid to proprietors or partners.
If a student withdraws from school, they may have to return some of the financial aid funds they received. A school's financial aid administrator can explain the formula used to calculate the amount of financial aid earned and the amount that needs to be returned, if any.
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