Definitions for "Lama"
In Tibet, Mongolia, etc., a priest or monk of the belief called Lamaism.
a master teacher
Tibetan Teacher or Priest
See Llama.
Scientific name for the genus containing llamas, alpacas, guanacos, and vicunas; vicunas are sometimes separated into their own genus.
A term used to include both llamas and alpacas since they are both in the genus Lama. People new to the llama and alpaca world often think this is the word llama misspelled. More on classification.
a municipality in Galicia , Spain in the province of Pontevedra
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U.S. term. See Local Automatic Message Accounting.
Local Automatic Message Accounting. Combination of automatic message accounting equipment, automatic number accounting equipment, and automatic number identification equipment in the same office. In such a system, a subscriber-dialed call can automatically be processed without operator assistance.
a simple application to exchange short mail messages between computers on a local area network
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wood, sometimes used to make the makaha
Library Administration and Management Association
Library Administration and Management Association A division of the American Library Association. ( LINK)
Laboratory Animal Management Association
This relatively new and marketed index means LIBOR Annual Monthly Average and is designed to reduce the volatility normally associated with LIBOR-based indices. Fannie Mae has been publishing a one-month LIBOR rate since 1989 but the composite average index is a new tool. LAMA reacts slower to market conditions.
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a person of religion
A light application management tool