Definitions for "Maitreya "
A rishi, son of Kusarva, and disciple of Parasar. He is one of the interlocutors in the Visnu and Bhagavata purana
World Teacher, Head of Hierarchy – similar to the Esoteric Christian use of the Christ, Teacher of Angels and Humanity – is known also as the Bodhisattva, Imam Mahdi, and the Prince of Peace.
the Bodhisattva who is to appear as a Buddha 5000 years after the death of Gautama
Maitreya is an application for Western and Vedic Astrology . The Vedic part supports many parts of classical Vedic astrology and some items of Jaimini Astrology. The Western part supports, among others, the systems of Ebertin and Witte .
Free software for Western and Vedic Astrology . Supports Classical Vedic Astrology, KP System and parts of Jaimini System. Western part includes Uranian Astrology. Platforms: Win32, Linux and UNIX.
Divine spiritual Being with a vibrational energy range beyond that of the levels of the Ascended Masters and just below that of Universal Source. The Ascended Master levels emanate from the Maitreya energies. Maitreya is the inspiration and source for the Lightarian Empowerment Ray and can be viewed as the divine architect for the global/human ascension process here on Earth. We call him the Ascension Master
Maitreya: See Lord Maitreya.
Lord Maitreya ("he whose name is kindness") holds the office of Cosmic Christ and is known as the Great Initiator. He was the guru of Adam and Eve in the Mystery School known as the Garden of Eden and was also the guru of Jesus Christ.
A sage who was a friend of Dvaipayana Vyasa. Maitreya heard Krishna's discussions with Uddhava just before Krishna's disappearance and passed on what he learned to Vidura. The conversations of Maitreya and Vidura comprise the Third and Fourth Cantos of Srimad-Bhagavatam.