Definitions for "MILAREPA"
Keywords:  marpa, tibetan, tibet, kagyu, yogi
See KAGYÐPA. MONK. The Tibetans have novices and fully-ordained monks (Skt. bhikshu) as in other Buddhist traditions. The status of monk is respected, but it is not as central to the religious tradition in some ways as in the Theravadin countries, because of the greater importance of lay practice and particularly the role of the LAMA. Note that most monks are not lamas, and lamas are not necessarily monks.
an early Tibetan meditation master who was famous for meditating in caves in isolated places.
(Tibet 1040-1123) Foremost disciple of Marpa, famous for his intense practice, devotion to his guru, attainment of enlightenment in his lifetime, and his many songs of spiritual realization.