Definitions for "Multidisciplinary Team"
a group of professionals and parents that works together to plan and provide treatment services for children with emotional, behavioral, or developmental disorders.
A group of people with different kinds of training and experience working together, usually on an ongoing basis. Professionals often use the word "discipline" to mean a "field of study," such as medicine, social work, or education. Therefore, a multidisciplinary team might include a pediatrician, an occupational therapist, a social worker, and an early childhood educator.
In education, a group made up of a child's classroom teacher and several educational specialists that evaluates the child's handicap and prepares an Individualized Education Plan for the child.
Under state law, refers to the involvement of two or more disciplines or professions, and the parent or guardian, in the provision of integrated and coordinated services, including evaluation, assessment and IFSP development.