Definitions for "Booker"
a person who decides who will win a wrestling match, and thus has a lot of control over the storylines and the careers of individual wrestlers
the behind-the-scenes writer who decides angles, gimmicks and the outcomes of matches. Many bookers are involved in hiring and firing wrestlers. Also sometimes used to refer to the event promoter.
This is the guy backstage that decides who's going to win or lose, what's going to happen in the match, how long it's going to last, etc. Example: "Kevin Nash is the worst booker of all time."
An agency employee who acts as a “go between” the client and talent. He or she will provide you with all necessary information, if and when you are requested for a casting call or booking.
A Talent Agency employee who negotiates rates and other details for a Talent's bookings. (Also called Agent)
Works with the 2nd AD to cast and supply the production's background needs. They are the ones who will call you to offer you work (i.e. us).
A person working in a modeling agency who books jobs, schedules appointments and assignments for models.
The staff person at a TV, radio or cable program who arranges guest appearances.
the staffperson at a TV, radio, or cable station who responds to pitch letters when an appearance needs to be arranged or "booked"
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The company which you have chosen to be in charge of your move.
Booker is the term applied in the music industry to someone who books a concert at a venue or several venues, hence the name. A booker either works in-house with a venue or under the management of a performing group. Bookers are chosen for their knowledge of venues and network of contacts.
One who enters accounts or names, etc., in a book; a bookkeeper.
someone who engages a person or company for performances
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The agent who sold the move and registers it with the carrier.