Definitions for "Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency"
One of the five institutions that comprise the World Bank Group, MIGA helps encourage foreign investment in developing countries.
( MIGA) MIGA aims to encourage foreign investment by providing guarantee to foreign investors against loss caused by non-commercial risks in developing countries. MIGA also provides capacity building and advisory services to help poor countries attract foreign investment.
The Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency began operations in April 1988. As part of the World Bank Group, MIGA was formed to encourage the flow of private foreign investment to its member developing countries by providing insurance against non-commercial risks, and by providing promotional and advisory services. MIGA's guarantee program protects investors against losses from currency transfer, expropriation, war, and civil disturbance, and investment-related breach of contract by host governments. MIGA works in close cooperation with the World Bank, the International Development Association, and the International Finance Corporation to promote sound investment policies, thereby assisting developing countries in creating attractive investment environments for private foreign direct investment. See also: International Development Association, International Finance Corporation, World Bank
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